DPE Self Assignments

April 2012 Self-Assignment Contest:
Awesomize Your Favorite Photo

Our friends at SmugMug have developed a cool and creative photography project. It’s called "SmugMug’s Self Assignment" and it’s designed to show off your creativity – and ability to shine when it comes to following an assignment.

Here’s the deal.

  • Rick and Juan give you a photo assignment on the first of the month - so we want you to join the photo fun each and every month.
  • You make your best shot following the assignment and post right here on the SmugMug “Self Assignment” site. You must use your real name and add a link so we can contact you.
  • Of course you retain the copyright to any image you send us.
  • We will pick the winner on the first of the following month and socialize the winner on Google+ and facebook. We’ll say a few words about why we liked the winning photo.
  • Each monthly winner receives a free 20x30-inch Metal Print from Bay Photo.
  • The winning image will be posted on the DPE website and promoted on Google+.

April's self-assignment: Awesomize your favorite photo with SmugMug's free iPhone app, Camera Awesome. You can use a photo taken with you iPhone or from your Library. Click here to download Camera Awesome if you don't have this totally awesome app.

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